6 Must-Haves to Your Next Bathroom Remodel
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December 10, 2020
Jesse Coody

Jesse Coody

Jesse Coody is a native Houstonian who installed his first roof at age thirteen. Ever since, he’s had a passion for construction. He holds over 20 years of project management and sales experience in residential and commercial construction. He graduated from SFA in 1998 with a degree in business, then he went on to manage and facilitate large-scale commercial projects, working on high profile projects, such as Alief High School, ABC Pest Control, and Goodwill. From there, he transitioned back to the Residential sector, preferring the client interaction and the project personality involved. He’s great at building relationships and solving problems. Jesse joined Hestia as a Renovation Specialist in 2017. Jesse loves to be outdoors and spends his free time fishing, camping, hunting, or at the beach. He also enjoys reading and being with his family and friends.

6 Must-Haves to Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Zillow estimates that a bathroom remodel yields the biggest returns in a home’s resale value. If you’re not planning on selling your home any time soon, your home remodeling Austin project can increase your home’s value and comfort level. Remodeling your bathroom to update it can bring in big rewards. Here are five bathroom home remodeling Austin ideas to help you get more out of this room.

1.   Updated Lighting

Improving the lighting can make any room more inviting, functional, and safer. The bathroom is no exception. Use a dimmer switch for the main light, so you can take a bath in soft light as well as have plenty of light when you’re taking a shower. Add lights around the mirror and in the shower. Using LED lighting is a great investment, so there’s no worry about draining your utility bill. If you can include a natural light above the shower or add a window for natural lighting, you’ll find some great ideas from our company experienced in home remodeling Austin.

Bathroom Remodel

2.   Updated Flooring

Flooring shouldn’t be an afterthought. With plenty of modern tiling options, you may get overwhelmed. Think comfort and safety. A heated floor is nice for adding warmth when you get out of the shower without heating the entire room. Heated bathroom floors are designed to be energy-efficient, and they heat up quickly without taking space on the wall. You won’t have to worry about a child touching a wall unit. Go with a small tile pattern in the shower for added traction. Design your floor to be functional and comfortable instead of leaving it to whatever your budget can afford.

3.   Aging in Place

If you’re redesigning your bathroom, think about how you may need to use your bathroom in the future. As people get older, falls are a higher risk, especially in a room with surfaces that can be slick. If you or a family member use a wheelchair, the doorway needs to be wider as you’ll need more space to maneuver around. Part of your bathroom remodel should address inclusion for wheelchair access or inclusion. Placing bars in the shower and near the toilet can help with stability. Installing light switches that are accessible creates independence. You should also think about faucets that operate with one hand for people with arthritis. These small adjustments can make your bathroom easier to use in the future.

4.   Toilet Upgrades

Modern toilets save water when you flush and save space through different designs. A wall-mounted toilet can add space. Hiding the tank in the wall creates added space if you have a small room. A bidet is a great addition for aging in place, but also in using less toilet paper. Bidets can easier for people who have limited mobility, giving them independence in an otherwise intimate situation.

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5.   Shower/Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Even in a small space, you can find plenty of designs for modern showers and tubs. A shower stall without a curb provides an open design that can make the room appear larger. In this case, a bathtub may not be necessary. A spa-like shower may give a bigger and modern style to your bathroom.

6.   Space for Storage

Bathrooms in the past were not designed for storage. Modern bathrooms need cupboards or vanities to reduce clutter while still keeping robes, towels, and other items close by. If space is at a premium, think recessed cabinets that utilize space between the walls. Custom cabinetry may be another option. Instead of using cabinets that are a particular size that you have to design around, you plan your cabinets based on the space in your bathroom.

Modern Bathrooms Improve Your Style

A modern bathroom needs to be functional but stylish. Fortunately, there are several ways to design a space that works for your family. Even small improvements can increase the comfort in your bathroom. Start with a vision for your bathroom, thinking about what you want to improve and what you need to renovate. Work with our design team to find the solutions that fit your budget. We can help you shape your vision and bring your dream bathroom to life. Contact our specialists today.

6 Must-Haves to Your Next Bathroom Remodel — Houston, Texas

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