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Increase Your Home’s Square Footage With These 10 Amazing Ideas for Home Remodeling Austin TX

Increase Your Home’s Square Footage With These 10 Amazing Ideas for Home Remodeling Austin TX

Instead of moving into a larger home in a new neighborhood, more people choose home remodeling Austin TX to increase square footage. There are several ways you can add space to your existing home. Whether you need additional storage, an extra bedroom, or you want a private ensuite bathroom, you have lots of choices for home additions Austin. These ten ideas will give you a headstart on the planning process.  

Kitchen home remodeling

1. Carve Out an Extra Bathroom

A tiny bathroom can make a home feel cramped, even if all other public areas are spacious. Additionally, sharing the family bathroom with guests can add a whole other layer to keeping things neat and tidy. A small addition can easily house a beautiful and functional bathroom that is designed for private use. Make sure to work with a professional who has experience in room additions Austin to comply with applicable building and occupancy permits. 

2. Expand Your Kitchen

Many families rely on the kitchen as a place for much more than preparing meals. It tends to be a central hub in most households. That, coupled with the excellent ROI on kitchen remodeling investments, makes it a prime candidate when considering home remodeling Austin TX.   

3. Add a Dormer

Dormers add space to rooms with sloped ceilings, allowing you to carve liveable space out of areas that would otherwise only be suitable for storage. They are an excellent choice for adding space to an attic room. As a bonus, a dormer enhances the curb appeal by breaking up the roofline and adding interest.  


4. Remodel the Attic

The attic is an excellent source of untapped space in a home. In many cases, you can refinish them into bedrooms, living areas, or a home office without changing a house’s exterior structure. That helps keep you home remodeling Austin TX project with a reasonable budget. There are certain restrictions regarding access and ceiling height, so be sure to check with a professional about the suitability of an attic remodeling project before you get too far into it. 

5. Utilize the Garage

Attached garages have become more popular in homes since the middle of the last century. If your home has a garage, you have a nearly-complete room that is ready to be finished. You can choose to maintain the exterior appearance or enclose the space with windows depending on your design preferences and budget. 

6. Use Detached Buildings

Sometimes when you need extra space, home remodeling Austin TX may help by using detached buildings to create liveable space. This may consist of adding a second story to a detached garage or adding a backyard office or home gym. Separate buildings allow you to increase square footage while still maintaining a sense of privacy in the addition. 

7. Build Up  

Not every home has an attic that can be converted into living areas. However, adding a second story can be a cost-efficient way to add a large amount of space. A builder with experience in home additions Austin can help you decide if your home can handle a second story’s added strain. 

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8. Rethink the Laundry Area

Laundry rooms have long been an afterthought. However, they can be an attractive and functional part of a home. Incorporate your laundry area into a mudroom where supplies like shoes, coats and outdoor gear can be stored to free up extra space in the rest of the house. 

9. Enclose Outdoor Spaces

A covered porch or patio can be converted into a sunroom without taking away from your home’s exterior appearance. That makes enclosing existing outdoor living areas a great home remodeling Austin TX project to increase square footage and allow for year-round use. 

10. Finish the Basement

If your home has a basement, you’re sitting on top of useable space. Finishing it and ensuring appropriate access points can double the amount of living space in your home without a single change to the exterior. That makes it an affordable alternative to room additions Austin.  

Work With Experts in Home Remodeling Austin TX 

When considering a home remodeling or addition project in the Autin TX area, the remodeling professionals at Hestia Construction & Design can help. We have a dedicated team of experts that provide valuable services to ensure your project is completed to your specifications the first time. To learn more, contact us online, or by phone at (832) 399-2060. 

Increase Your Home’s Square Footage With These 10 Amazing Ideas for Home Remodeling Austin TX | Hestia Construction & Design — Houston, Texas

What’s the ROI of a Houston Bathroom Remodel?

What’s the ROI of a Houston Bathroom Remodel?

If you’re considering placing your home on the market, you may want to research home remodeling Houston projects you can do to boost its resale value. While there are several improvements, you can make that will attract more buyers, one of the most popular areas to upgrade is the bathroom. In fact, according to a Zillow study, 26% of aspiring sellers remodel a bathroom before selling. However, just because it’s popular does not necessarily mean a bathroom remodel will yield a substantial ROI. Several factors affect the value of a bathroom remodel, including need, the extent of the remodel, and location.

Bathroom design Home Remodeling Houston

Questions To Consider Before Investing in Bathroom Remodeling Houston

Typically speaking, bathroom remodels have the largest return in terms of boosting a home’s resale value. By making minor cosmetic changes such as refinishing the cabinets, adding a fresh coat of paint, and replacing the hardware, you stand to increase your home’s value by $1.71 for every $1.00 you spend. Given this information, focusing your attention on your bathrooms before listing your home could be a smart decision. However, before you call your local home remodeling Houston partner, ask yourself the following:

  • Are there areas of the bathroom that need fixing? If your bathroom looks nice and is in good working order but is outdated, you may want to consider a remodel. Additionally, if the grout is moldy, the tile is cracked, and the plumbing held together by an excessive amount of plumber’s tape, you might as well invest in a remodel before you list your home. If you don’t, an inspection will reveal the issues, and you will end up having to pay for repairs regardless.
  • Do comparable homes have updated bathrooms? When your realtor runs comps of other homes on the market, have him, or her look into bathrooms. Do other homes in your target price range have updated bathrooms, or are you competing against new construction homes? If you answered “yes” to either question, an updated bathroom may be just what you need to attract serious buyers.
  • Is a new bathroom the best way to boost the value of your home? While bathroom remodeling Houston TX is one of the more popular home improvement projects for increasing a home’s value, it’s not always the best one. Before you put any money into your home, do some research into the best-selling features of homes in your area. You may be surprised to know that potential buyers are more interested in, say, manufactured stone veneer on the home’s exterior than in a newly tiled shower.

If you decide to go through with a bathroom remodel based on your answers to these questions, you must then decide what type of remodeling project would yield the most ROI.

Bathroom Design Home Remodeling Houston

Types of Bathroom Remodels

Bathroom remodeling projects typically fall into one of three categories: Midrange, upscale and universal design. A mid-range bathroom remodel is one in which you update all the materials and finishes to be functional and look new, but not necessarily to create a showstopper of a bathroom. The national ROI of this type of remodeling is 70.1%.

At 56.2%, upscale bathroom remodels yields the lowest ROI of the three types. An upscale bathroom remodel involves reconfiguring the bathroom layout and adding high-end finishes and features, such as double sinks, ceramic floor tiles, heated floors, and stone countertops.

The universal design incorporates wheelchair accessible features such as a walk-in tub, accessible storage, a widened doorway, a taller toilet, and an open-based vanity. Surprisingly, this type of update yields the biggest ROI, at 70.6%.

Consider the Potential ROI for Your Location

Potential homebuyers in certain parts of the country value bathroom remodel more than individuals in other places. For example, sellers in the country’s Pacific regions mention the ROI on a bathroom remodel by 87.7%. Sellers in the South Atlantic recoup the second-most amount, at 73.5%, while sellers in the Mid-Atlantic, East North Central, and West North Central regions report the worst ROI, at between 58.8% and 59.2%.

Work With a Home Remodeling Houston Professional

If you decide to go through with a bathroom remodel before listing your home, work with a professional who can help you plan and create a beautiful and functional bathroom quickly and within your budget. Learn more about the advantages of working with a full-service remodeling company today.

What’s the ROI of a Houston Bathroom Remodel? | Hestia Construction & Design — Houston, Texas

How To Make Your Houston Home Remodeling Project a Success

How To Make Your Houston Home Remodeling Project a Success

Remodeling a home or maybe just a room in a home can feel overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done it before. Fortunately, you have more control than you may think over how smoothly the process goes. Here are some of the top ways to make your home remodeling Houston project a success.

Man using Calculator Home Remodeling Houston

Set Your Budget

It would be unwise to plan a remodeling project without first considering what your budget will allow. A home renovation can have several costs associated with it, including building permits, materials, decorative finishes, and labor. These costs can add up very quickly. To make sure you don’t financially overextend yourself, figure out a reasonable budget in advance. Remember to put aside at least 10% of your budget to cover any unexpected costs associated with the project.

Despite your best efforts, once your project is underway, you may find that things seem to be on track to exceed what you can afford. If this happens, do not worry. Hestia Construction and Design has financing with affordable payment plans.

Make Your Plan

Before you begin any home renovations Houston, you need to have a clear-cut plan in mind. What exactly do you envision from the project? What specific changes do you want to make? What products do you want to install? Selecting particular features and products in advance can ensure that the project goes smoothly and doesn’t cause unnecessary delays. Planning is also a very effective way to make sure you stay on budget because you’ll have a good idea of the costs you’ll incur throughout the project.

Establish a Timeline

Do you know of anyone who started home remodeling Houston but didn’t complete it more than a year later? If you don’t want to be in this scenario, you need to establish a renovation timeline. Start by selecting your desired start date, then develop a realistic end date based on your contractor’s feedback.

Write down an estimated timeline for each portion of the project to ensure your end date is feasible. Once you come up with a reasonable end date, add a couple of weeks to it if something unexpected happens. Then, make sure you do everything you can to keep your project on schedule. This includes being very active and involved in every step of the process and applying a little pressure as needed if certain aspects of the project start taking too long.

Consider Your Financing Options

If you need financing for your renovation project, talk to a financial advisor before you get started. For most, a personal loan is a wise way to fund a remodel. There are multiple types of personal loans available, so you need to determine which type is right for your situation.

Locate a Trustworthy Renovation Company

If you want your home renovations to be a success, you need to hire a trustworthy renovation company with a reputation for turning out quality work. At Hestia Construction & Design, we have years of experience and high acclaim under our belts. Our team knows what it takes to complete a home remodeling Houston project on time and to high standards.

man and woman discussing Home Remodeling Houston

Communicate Effectively

One of the main factors of a smooth and successful home remodel is effective communication. Make sure you set your expectations, so there is no question about what you want and expect. However, home remodelers are skilled at what they do, so also be open to suggestions they may have. Additionally, if any aspect of the project doesn’t meet your satisfaction, let your contractor know immediately so the problem can be rectified.

Always Keep Resell Possibilities in Mind

When planning and implementing a successful home renovation project, remember to have resell possibilities in mind. For example, you might long for a Star Wars-themed room, but if you sell your home in the future, will this room hurt your chances of finding the right buyer? Always consider how your renovation choices could potentially impact your ability to sell your home in the future.

Contact Us

We’d love to learn more about your whole home remodeling plans so we can help you develop an effective and successful project strategy. To schedule a consultation, contact us today. We look forward to transforming your existing home into the home of your dreams.  

How To Make Your Houston Home Remodeling Project a Success | Hestia Construction & Design — Houston, Texas

When Is the Best Time of Year for Home Remodeling Austin TX?

When Is the Best Time of Year for Home Remodeling Austin TX?

Can you begin a home remodeling Austin TX project at any time of the year, or are certain times more favorable than others? In northern areas of the country, people generally try to avoid starting construction projects in the winter because the snow and frozen ground hamper them. However, this is less of a problem in Austin, where snowfall is rare and, even in the winter, the average temperature remains around 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The fact is that there are many factors, including weather, that determine when it is a good time for a home remodel. Below are some important considerations to make when planning your project.

Rainfall and Temperature

In Austin, it is not the cold that has interrupts a home renovation, it is the heat. The average temperature in July is 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Austin can also get very humid, which can make it feel even hotter than it is. Workers may take small breaks throughout the day, but the job will get done.

Simultaneously, months with heavy rainfall may place a delay on a remodeling project, too. To avoid getting water into any open areas, workers may have to wait for the rain to calm down before continuing the project. In Austin, the months of May and June typically see the most rainfall, followed by October.

However, no matter the conditions, our team always completes the job in the agreed time frame. We will let of any delays in the course of development, if any.

home Remodeling Austin

Availability and Cost

Spring is a very busy season for builders. Homeowners see spring as a time of renewal, and coincidentally, a lot of them are receiving their tax refund check and have cash in hand to fund projects. However, don’t fear. Whether it’s Spring or Fall, we are always ready for your kitchen remodeling Austin project any time of year.

Because so many home renovations take place during the spring, building materials are in greater demand, too. Luckily, our team plans ahead. Along with your assistance, we make sure we have the materials we need to get the job done.

Holiday and Travel Plans

If you intend to host a family gathering over the winter holidays, you probably want to start your project earlier in the year rather than later so that it has a better chance of completion. It can be very awkward for both you and guests to gather in a home undergoing renovations.

On the other hand, maybe your Austin home is a second home you only use during the winter. If so, it may be a good idea to schedule the remodeling job at that time. This is especially true if it’s an area you use daily, such as a bathroom or kitchen remodeling Austin. The same principle holds if you live in Austin year-round but are planning a long vacation. In either case, rest assured your project will go smoothly, and we’ll send you updates on the progress.

home Remodeling Austin

Type and Location of Project

A project that mostly occurs inside, such as bathroom remodeling Austin, may be better to schedule during the summer months because it is not dependent on the weather conditions outside. Access to central air makes it less hazardous for builders and crew to work indoors when hot.

See Us for Home Remodeling Austin TX

At Hestia Construction and Design, we have established a strong reputation not only for the quality of our work but our exemplary customer service. We guarantee your satisfaction and present you with a super-comprehensive proposal upfront so that there are no financial surprises down the road. See our extensive portfolio and contact us to discuss the particulars of your remodeling project.  

When Is the Best Time of Year for Home Remodeling Austin TX? | Hestia Construction & Design — Houston, Texas

Home Remodeling Houston: Benefits of Open Floor Plans

Home Remodeling Houston: Benefits of Open Floor Plans

You’ve probably been studying floor plans if you are completing a home remodeling Houston project. Floor plans are important to home renovations because they influence everything from construction costs to contractor choices.

If you’re in the design phase of your home renovation, you’re likely considering the advantages and disadvantages of closed and open floor plans. Open floor plans are more popular than closed floor plans and can give your home a modern feel that is ideal for entertaining and socializing with family. Closed floor plans are common in traditional homes and separate the main rooms of the house with doors or walls. While there may be some disadvantages to open floor plans, there are many more benefits to enjoy. Read below to find out if an open floor plan is the best choice for your home renovation:

Open Floor Plan

What Is an Open Floor Plan?

Homes with an open floor layout have one large room that forms a single living space. Generally, open floor plans combine the dining room, living room, and kitchen into one single living space. The large living space is often referred to as the ‘great room.’ This type of floor plan is common in smaller homes that have less square footage. Homes with more space will often have two or more great rooms on different levels of the house.

Open Floor Advantages

Open floor layouts are very popular in home renovations and new builds. Many people desire a home where they can easily entertain friends and complete multiple daily activities in one space. Open floor plans are modern and sophisticated and enable families to spend lots of time together. Read below for some additional advantages of choosing an open floor plan for your home renovation project:

  • Make spaces feel larger: Small homes with closed floor plans often feel cramped. Open concept layouts make your home feel larger because no walls or doors are restricting the space.
  • Enable maximum furniture: Open floor plans allow homeowners to purchase a lot of furniture and use their creativity when arranging pieces. You can create a space with plenty of seating to allow for entertaining.
  • Allow you to watch your kids: If you are a parent of a small child, you know how important safety is. Open layouts allow you to keep an eye on your child playing in the living room while you’re cooking in the kitchen or doing laundry.
  • Maximize resale potential: Open floor plans are very popular with modern homebuyers. Your home may even sell faster and for your full asking price in the future if you opt for an open concept layout.
  • Allow for entertaining: Open floor plans are ideal for entertaining. Hosts can comfortably communicate with guests while prepping food in the kitchen, making the party more enjoyable for everyone.
  • Promote a modern aesthetic: Most modern home designs have an open concept layout. If you want to update a more traditional home, knock down the walls, and create an open floor plan.
  • Promote natural light: Fewer walls in your home allow natural sunlight to penetrate every room of the house, making the entire environment brighter and more appealing. Natural light makes the home feel larger, too. 
Open Floor Advantages

Open layouts are a great choice for home renovations Houston. Consider calling us to help you create the extra space you’ve been wanting. Not only can this benefit you and your family, but your guests will also have more space to create more memories with you.

Contact Hestia Construction & Design for Home Renovations Houston

Are you ready to hire a professional to help you with your home renovation in Houston? Contact Hestia Construction & Design today. Hestia Construction & Design offers a variety of services, including design services, kitchen remodeling, and room additions Houston. We are committed to helping Houston residents design homes that are functional, beautiful, and aspirational. Contact us today to discuss your options or for a free quote.

Home Remodeling Houston: Benefits of Open Floor Plans | Hestia Construction & Design — Houston, Texas